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The CogQuiz General Philosophy

CogQuiz is a company committed to the development of powerful computer-based tools for cognitive and neuropsychological research and evaluation. Our goal is to design computerized neuropsychological and cognitive tests that are affordable. We have strived, and think we are successful, in making an easy to use, affordably priced tests. As a consumer, you can take a test that is the equal of any test in terms of norms and receive feedback at a fraction of the cost of an in person exam. You may print out a report that you can take to a professional for an evaluation beyond the report we provide. We believe that an informed individual is their own best advocate.

History and Validating Data

Our products reflect over 50 years of experience in using computers for experimental control, data acquisition, and data analysis in cognitive and behavioral research. Our products have been used as part of a long-term research program in several universities and by licensed practitioners alike. Many of the tests have extensive sets of age-stratified normative data which are included in most test product's report/manual.

Large Norm Base

All CogQuiz products come with preprogrammed tests that were used to collect the normative data provided in the test documentation. There are few commercial products with equivalent norms.

Centralized Secure Database

Most CogQuiz tests utilize a centralized database. Whether you are using only one of our tests or all of them, collected data is secure. In addition to facilitating the management of all testing data, this approach also ensures heightened security and confidentiality of all participant information.

Test Categories


Short-term and long term-merm memory tests avaialble. Take one of our quizes and find out where you stand in relation to others. Are you capable of remembering germane or salient details, or is there cause for concern?

Executive function and Planning

Are you concerned with your Attention span, your ability to switch between tasks effectively or your speed of processing? Executive function tests help you determine your performance relative to a specific age range.

Processing Speed

Speed of processing has been a major explantory varialbe for cognitive performace during development and aging.

The software for each CogQuiz test has been designed with an emphasis on efficiency and ease of use. Each test comes with an easy to use example and a screen feature definition. In addition, we offer prompt, courteous customer support via email or Skype. CogQuiz tests will run on Microsoft Windows.

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Tests to Order

Single Test

Are you a practitioner, clinician, medical profressional or researcher in need of a specific test? We can make it for you promptly, end-2-end.

Research Environment

We will make software for you based on your needs. Neuropsychological testing is our specialty. If you are looking for custom software that is malleable and configurable for multiple tests, can keep track of participants and store results, then we are your best option.

Software and Hosting

We create the software, and we will host it for you too. We take the worrying out of regulations and data integrity. We design and develop Cloud based and Desktop applications.


With custom software comes custom requests. Do you want your tests to run on Android, Apple, applications for tablets, or desktop applications? We can help.

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A tool to create questionnaires for collecting participant information.

Desktop Tests Collection

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A collection of tests for desktop. Take with you anywhere.

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