Practice syllogisms for psychometric aptitude tests. In general, these tests are also known as deductive reasoning tests and are used in psychometric assessments to determine your logical reasoning ability.


There are two main hypotheses for this weak correlation between the n-back task and other working memory assessments. One proposal is that the n-back task assesses different "sub-components" of working memory than do other assessments.


A more critical explanation is that rather than primarily assessing working memory, performance on the n-back task depends on "familiarity- and recognition-based discrimination processes," whereas valid assessments of working memory demand "active recall."


The test consists of two boards with pegs and several beads with different colors. The examiner (usually a clinical psychologist or a neuropsychologist) uses the beads and the boards to present the examinee with problem-solving tasks.


Whatever the cause of the performance differences between the n-back and other assessments of working memory, some researchers stress the need for further exploration of the construct validity of the n-back task.


This test will take about 20 minutes to complete.

Recommended minimum screen resolution is 1000 x 700.

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